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The clinical practice and health management are shifting to precision medicine globally. Taiwan is in the perfect position to pursue precision health, and we invite you to make an impact with us. Together, we can facilitate the development of precision medicine in Taiwan.

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The Taiwan Cement Corporation

TCC is the major sponsor of TPMI from industry

"Taiwan Cement is like a blue magpie flying up to a concrete wall, let people feels the beauty of life and spring."

The Taiwan Cement Corporation

The Chairman of TCC, Nelson Chang, noted, “thanks to those who planted tree many years ago, we now live and work in peace and contentment. Now is the opportunity for our generation to give back to society and plant trees for future generations.”

BIONET Group, GGA Corp.

At the initial phase of this project, abundant research funding was needed due to the rapid progress. At that time, the Chairman of Bionet corporation, Chris Tsai, fully supported TPMI, and had the GGA corporation donated to facilitate the development of precision medicine.

Rotary Club, District 3482

To support the precision medicine development in Taiwan, the 3482 District of Rotary Club made donations to enable more people to participate in the precision medicine program in Taiwan.

Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen

Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen has spent his long and distinguished career to further medical genetics and precision medicine. When he received the 2019Taiwan Presidential Science Award, he donated the entire award to the TPMI to support the development of precision medicine in Taiwan.

                                                                      Photographed by SH Tsai


NTU School of Pharmacy Alumni Association North America (NTUSPAA-NA) is established by alumni from the Pharmacy Department of National Taiwan University who live across the United States. We thank NTUSPAA-NA and Jane Hsiao’s generous donation to support TPMI for facilitating the development of precision health in Taiwan.

Jiantan Temple

To support precision health development in Taiwan, Jiantan Temple had made generous donations to facilitate the popularization of precision health and promote to own health management in Taiwan.

Support the TPMI to facilitate precision health in Taiwan

Join us and make an impact on the health and well-being of the people in Taiwan. Your gift will not only benefit the country and future generations, it will enhance the health of you and your loved ones.